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Dear Industry Professional,

We are pleased to invite you to join us at Expo Transporte y Logística Guadalajara 2021, the first commercial vehicle trade show designed specifically for the Mexican market by Deutsche Messe.

Expo Transporte y Logística Guadalajara offers suppliers of products and services in the logistics, goods and passenger transportation sectors the opportunity to establish contact and forge business relations with thousands of potential buyers in El Bajío, western and central Mexico, which are among the regions with the highest economic growth and industrial diversity in the country.

Deutsche Messe has organized and hosted some of the largest commercial vehicle exhibitions in the world, from North America (NACV, Truck World) and Asia (CCVS, CDMX, WHMS) to Europe (IAA Commercial Vehicles). Expo Transporte y Logística Guadalajara, organized by the company’s Hannover Fairs Mexico subsidiary, brings this highly efficient prospecting, sales, marketing and networking tool to the Mexican market.

In addition to valuable market intelligence, Expo Transporte y Logística Guadalajara facilitates long-term relations with regional clients, while providing a platform for the launch of new products, not to mention the chance to measure up your competition, all with minimal investment in terms of time and money. Face-to-face contact and the opportunity to present and physically demonstrate your products to hundreds of decision-makers make this an incomparable business tool.

Generate new sales prospects, place rm orders and learn more about Mexico’s western market at Expo Transporte y Logística Guadalajara 2021. We invite you to capitalize on the quality and experience of Deutsche Messe and reap the benefits of including us in your communications strategy. By forming part of our community, you can help create synergies that make for a more dynamic market and result in more business opportunities for everyone.

Join us for the first edition of Expo Transporte y Logística in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Believe me when I say this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Bernd Rohde,


Hannover Fairs México S.A. de C.V